In late 1962 rumors began to circulate that a Corvette was being developed that would help GM end Ford's and Shelby's dominance on the world's racing circuits. Bowtie fans and racers were ecstatic. With the blessing of Chevrolet’s® senior management, Zora Arkus-Duntov initiated a program to create a competitive road racer based on the newly designed Corvette® C-2 Stingray™. 

The plan was to build 125 ultra-light Corvettes with high horsepower and superior handling to surprise the international road racing community. They would be called the Grand Sport. By building 125 cars, the Grand Sport would qualify as a GT production car under international racing rules. Sadly, the General Motors front office stopped the program well before the full 125 units had been built. When the cease and desist order came down from the ivory tower, just five Grand Sports had been completed. 

During their short life span, the Grand Sports ran at tracks like Sebring, Watkins Glen, Daytona, Nassau, Road America and Mosport. Some of the Grand Sports' most notable drivers were Roger Penske, A.J. Foyt, Jim Hall, Dick Thompson, John Cannon, Don Yenko and Delmo Johnson. 

Remarkably, all five of the original Grand Sports have survived to this day. The mystique surrounding them has made the Grand Sports one of the most sought-after vehicles in history. It is difficult to access their value, because they rarely if ever come up for sale, but it is believed they are insured for more than $5,000,000 each. 


While hopes of purchasing an original are highly unlikely for most people, the opportunity to share in the Corvette Grand Sport experience is finally within reach. Superformance has received countless inquiries requesting they build a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport. Now, thanks to their partnership with Duntov Motor Company and licensing from GM, Superformance has the ability to accurately build the Grand Sport in a way that can properly represent the brand – a proper continuation series that honors the historical significance of Chevrolet and the Corvette Grand Sport legacy. 

Superformance and Duntov Motor Company have painstakingly reproduced the chassis, body parts and all accessories needed to replicate this extraordinary car. Both street and race versions of the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport are available. With the support of EMI, licensing from General Motors and power train expertise from General Motors Performance Parts assuring their authenticity and heritage, the Superformance Corvette Grand Sport coupe or roadster is now available as a complete TKM [turn key minus] vehicle, awaiting the customer's choice of engine and transmission. 


The Corvette Grand Sport originally raced with several different engines, all backed by Muncie 4-speed manual transmissions. In its racing debut early in 1963, the car sported a production-based 360 HP, 327 CID fuel injected motor with a stock appearance. The most serious factory engine was a 377 cubic inch, all-aluminum small block with four Weber side draft carburetors, rated 550 hp (410 kW) at 6400 rpm. 

Through their General Motors Performance Parts partnership a variety of GM crate engine options from small to big blocks are available for your Superformance Corvette Grand Sport. Superformance, HI Tech and GM are working very closely to assure factory-like fit of GM's LSA engine with 6 speed transmission. GM's tireless efforts in this regard are spearheaded by Dr. Jami Myer, Head of Product Integration, Mike Copeland and Cliff Cohen. 


•Factory built and assembled by one of the world’s largest specialty car manufacturers, guaranteeing the same quality, continuity and attention to detail offered in every Superformance product. •Original fiberglass fabricated body panels allowing for weight reduction •Tubular steel frame construction •Chassis sits on authentic looking 15” X 8” front and 15” X 10” rear knock-off wheels and tires. •Authentic interior featuring custom upholstered seats, carpeting, lap type seat belts, a wood rim steering wheel and original style shifter. •Exteriors are painted, color sanded and polished with the windshield installed, doors fitted, aligned, and functioning correctly. •Electronics are completely wired from headlight to taillight including main harness, charging system, ignition system, and fuse box. •Complete Suspension, Brake System, Tires and Rims. •All Superformance products are supplied TKM (Turn key minus engine/transmission) 


•Superformance LLC is the largest distributor of American legends of the 1960’s. •Superformance LLC in partnership with Hi-Tech Automotive RSA has over 20 years in the business producing over 4000 Complete Component Rollers to date. •Superformance Complete Component Rollers are built by Hi Tech in a 400,000 square foot state of the art facility that employs over 600 highly skilled craftsmen. •Superformance Products are sold and supported by over 20 independent dealerships in North America, Europe and Australia. •Superformance has more completed cars and satisfied customers on the road today than any other of similar brand. •Superformance has been granted licensing & endorsements by several trademark holders including Shelby, GM, Duntov and Safir GT40 Spares LLC. WHY SUPERFORMANCE? •Excellent Fit and Finish. •Ascetically correct. •Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty •Consistent Quality Control •No Donor Car or Parts Required •All New Engineered & Manufactured Parts •OEM parts used whenever applicable •Built by the World’s largest Privately Owned Automobile Construction Facility •Fully Licensed And Endorsed Products •Registry And Owners Forums •Track Tested and Race Proven •Full Customer Support Program •On Line parts ordering.